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Mom and baby

Thanksgiving at Edie's!

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On November 27-28, 1999, Edie, Nicholas, Sophie and Gavin hosted Valerie, Jan, and Arlo, for a post-Thanksgiving visit in Nanuet, New York. On the second day Michele L. and Jake visited too. Here are some photos:

Gavin, Nicholas, and Sophie:
Gavin, Nicholas, and Sophie

Gavin, Edie, Jan - railroad Working on the railroad.

Jan building,
Gavin unbuilding,
Edie watching.

Sophie moving a train
Gavin watching

Sophie, trains, Gavin watching

Arlo, going through Edie's kitchen drawers.

"Hey Mom, why can't I do this at home?"

Arlo in Edie's kitchen

Arlo and Gavin
Arlo and Gavin
Arlo and Gavin
Gavin and Arlo
Arlo and Gavin
Arlo and Gavin

Nicholas, tower, babies Nicholas invented a game where a grownup builds a stack of blocks on top of a xylophone and then a baby knocks it down. The blocks land musically.

Nicholas building.
Arlo impending.
Gavin off to the side.

Arlo, chewing

Arlo, chewing on bits of the tower

We visited a wonderful Children's Museum. Here is a picture of Arlo on the Texture Bridge — his favorite part of the museum. Valerie looks on in the background. Arlo on texture bridge

watching chickens
through a screen door
at Edie's house:

Babies watching chickens

Jake Arrives!
Arlo and Jake
Arlo and Jake

Baby Derby!
Crawler Derby! Jake and Arlo went crawling from room to room at breakneck speed!

Left: Jan, Edie, and Gavin watch Jake and Arlo crawl.

Below: Jake and Arlo crawling.

Crawler Derby!

Michele looks on as
Gavin, Arlo, and Jake play.
Gavin, Arlo, Jake and Michele

Moms and Babies We tried to take the requisite "Moms and Babies" photo, but Gavin was napping. Here are Valerie, Michele, Arlo, and Jake.

Nicholas with Gavin upside down
Nicholas with Gavin.
Sophie upside down
Nicholas with Sophie.

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